365 Days of Lessons. 1/365

This is a challenge started by Yik.

I’ve been in his group for about a week now seeing people post their daily learnings, and been inspired.

What better way to keep a running record of my learnings as well as treat it as content for my blog as well?

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

So here we go.

Day 1/365

Reading and comprehension are completely different animals. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad maybe 10 years ago. Whenever someone recommended the book after I read it I’ll be like “yeah of course i read it, it was ok”

At Yik’s recommendation I read it again but this time my mind was BLOWN and I’ve read through it, studied, thought carefully through it, and went ahead and revisited other books like Cashflow Quadrant and The One Thing and I seriously wonder how I could consider myself having read them.

Don’t worry about chasing new books. There are gems in the classics.

If for some reason you think a classic book is meh, always assume that you have failed to comprehend it yourself, that your 修行 is simply not high enough.

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