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365 Days of Lessons. 133/365

Today, I learnt that the battle for your diet is won or lost at the supermarket, not at home. If you didn’t buy it, you don’t get to eat it. Don’t be fixated on what you are trying to change. Think about what caused it in the first place.

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365 Days of Lessons. 132/365

Today, I learnt that the dumbest guy in the room learns the most. Therefore always strive to be in a room where you are the dumbest. Credit to Matthew Cross

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365 Days of Lessons. 130/365

Today, I learnt that if you don’t take care of something today, think about whether it would take a lot more to take care of it later. Don’t procrastinate if it does. Garbage doesn’t get better with age.

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365 Days of Lessons. 128/365

Today, I learnt that our mind is like a garden and we are planting seeds in our subconscious mind all day long. As we sow in our subconscious mind, so shall we reap in our body and environment. Credit to The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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