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Ah, Ryan Eagle. If you’re in this industry and don’t know who this guy is you must be living under a rock. Eagle Web Assets is the first network I worked seriously with, and the network that helped me hit my first $100, $200, and $300 profit days. EWA gets alot of flak for “un-business-like” behaviours but money doesn’t differentiate between “business-like” and “un-business-like”. I hereby present to you.. Eagle Web Assets – Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…. Eagle!!

Eagle Web Assets – What’s up with the name?

I was always fascinated with business for as long as I can remember. My Mother still has pictures of me drawing my future business building for a company named “EagleCOM” when I was in second grade. I started making websites when I was around 13 years old, starting with a video game forum community.

At the time, I didn’t have any business plan in place and it was purely for fun. I put advertising on my site and actually started making enough money to cover the hosting costs. From there, I made several other websites and operated under “xCell Technologies” (because it sounded cool). One day a site took off, and next thing you know I was making thousands of dollars a day in pure profit. It was time to actually incorporate, but when I went to register the original company name it was taken – so
I wrote up a couple company names and Eagle Web Assets was available. It only made sense to me because at the time I focused on building web properties, generating revenue from onsite advertising. I built upwards of 450 sites, many of which had strong rankings years back and was a steady force of revenue. From there, I fell into affiliate marketing then next thing you know I’m on top of that game too. The name is actually very well suited for how the company evolved over the years because we now own several different internet advertising companies, both privately and publicly.

EWA changed the affiliate marketing world. What makes you guys different than the “highest payouts” that everyone and their father claims?

We were the first to do anything we say, and the ONLY to stand behind it. After EWA was released and we demolished competitors one by one, everyone began to mimic what we did. Let me remind the impostors: There is one Ryan Eagle, and you will never reach the status that I have now.

EWA was the first to offer a twitter that actually provides tips, traffic sources, and actual information to make our publishers money. Competitors are just catching up now, and I find it funny that my account managers have twitters that are more active than my fiercest competition. EWA was the first to provide newsletters with content that actually helps affiliates, rather than just the “Top Offers” from a network owner that never ran a campaign in his life.

EWA was the first of offer guides explaining in detail how to build campaigns, these guides have made our publishers millions in commission since we’ve opened. EWA was the first network to pay every publisher weekly, and we are the only network that publishers can go to and get a weekly payout without jumping through hoops.

EWA was the first network to create a community out of their members that’s actually success, the competitors are barely catching up. EWA has over 2900 offers in 195 countries, something that competitors cannot even get near. We trumped networks in every possible point we could think of, and we’re not done. THAT is why EWA changed the affiliate marketing world, and it’s just the beginning. Our team is constantly innovating and trying to bring new ideas and concepts into our network, giving publishers more reasons to chose EWA.

What’s your next company going to be?

Honestly, we’re going to build out our core brands rather than launching any additional properties now. I love business and I love creation, but at the same time I need to restrain myself from taking every opportunity given to me. I believe that if we focus all our efforts on growing what we currently have we can fully stomp out all the competitors and take even more market share than we currently have.

One of our most profitable aspects of Eagle Web Assets is our angel investment division, which we have invested or helped build several companies companies since opening. At the current time we are not taking any additional investments as our executive team wants to focus on grown what we have. All these companies work into the grand scheme of things, and I’m confident that once these companies can flex we will demolish everything in our way. As we reach the goals for our core brands and private companies, we will reopen investments and acquisitions and that is where I see Eagle Web Assets focusing more on in the coming years.
You are EVERYWHERE on forums. Is that hustling to better know your affiliates.. Or is that a bot??
I work like a robot: I sleep 4-5 hours a day and have for years, so there is a lot of time. I’m one of a kind and cannot be impersonated, even though it’s been attempted time after time. That is me you see everywhere, I love interacting with my peers and staying in the trenches.

If I’m not connected to the people that run business with, then I’ve lost touch entirely. Even though you may see my posts, remember: you cannot see me, I can barely see me.

What advice would you give to noobs?

I’ve said it over and over: stop reading eBooks, forums, and blogs all day long – you are wasting time. I’ve seen so many publishers read themselves out of this industry. The best teacher is getting into the trenches and losing money. If you’re scared of the risk: get out of this industry, it’s not for the weak.

I never read any book, blog or forum when I started in this industry and look where I’m at now. Back when I first hit success there was barely any material online so I learned it all the hard way: failure. I do not accept losing for very long and I learned from every mistake I made, further refining my skill. I’ve built enough confidence to know that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.
And what would you tell the intermediate affiliate marketers making between $100-$500/day?
Reinvest your money, risk it all again, and recycle everything that you have. Do not take your money and buy a fancy car, invest it into testing and scaling current campaigns. The biggest thing that I’ve learned about this industry is that money is here one day, and the next day it’s gone.

You don’t want to look back in retrospect and be disappointed for not taking the opportunity given to you. There are very few industries you can generate the amount of profit affiliate marketing can make, so capitalize every opportunity you have. The car you want one month can be what you’re making every day if you keep building up your company like I did. I was successful for years and saved the majority of my money to have the operating capital that allowed me to launch more businesses, which generated more profit in the long run.

People think that I floss hard now, but I’m barely spending any of the money that our companies make because I understand the full potential of having capital.

You have more money than you can ever spend. What keeps you going?

I don’t need to work anymore. I don’t need to be up at 5am every night. I don’t need to be in the trenches everyday. I do it because I love what I do. I do it because it’s my life, my passion. That is the difference between the competitors and me. I am doing things everyday that competitors cannot even imagine, my innovation and ambition surpasses that of anyone I’ve ever met.
Alright so you sound like a big attention seeker and hardcore hustler. Funny that you’re sort of the poster boy for quotes like “Sleep is the cousin of death” and “EPCs so high they’ll make your girlfriend faint”. What’s the real Ryan Eagle like behind the scenes?

I always did myself, and that’s exactly why I’m where I am at now. I never followed the guidelines and I never followed the code of conduct. Some people hate me, some people love me – but I always keep it real. I write how I speak, I don’t use correct grammar, I didn’t go to college, and I love talking shit. This is who I am in person, and my friends can all confirm it.

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