Coming out of Sabbatical

Finally writing my first actual post on HackVenture.com!

Feels good coming out of sabbatical after one and a half years.

So, wtf do I mean when I said I was on a sabbatical? Was I wearing a turban in the jungles or on the mountains doing daily meditation and reflecting on the meaning of life?

Well, I wish I had that sort of patience.

All I meant is that I had a daughter and have spent the past 1.5 years on dad duties; including but not limited to: changing diapers, rocking her to sleep, feeding her, pacifying her during tantrums, bringing her to the doctor when she got sick, and last but not least, taking a ton of photos, playing with her.

At many times, it did felt like a drudgery doing mundane tasks as a dad helping out a mum, but I also realize this is something many dads wish they could do, and I’m super glad that running my own business gave me the freedom to do this. So I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world!

Now that my little one has started going to daycare (thank goodness she’s adapting well and enjoys doing!), it’s time for me to get back to work!

What the sabbatical made clear to me though, is that I have been relying too much on one-off projects and that I really should make an effort to build a sustainable, recurring income machine.

I have been pretty much been spending savings and only generated a very small amount of cash during the 1.5 years.

Add crypto winter to the equation and the result is that my networth has taken a pretty big hit.

And now it’s time to change things!

I’m super excited to get back to work and building something that’s anti-fragile, that grows stronger as time goes by.

Let’s go!

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