365 Days of Lessons. 97/365

Today, I learnt that you should sell your customer what they want, but package it with what they need, so they get an authentic result. Just don’t talk about the need much in the sales copy. Because they don’t care! Credit to Jim Edwards

365 Days of Lessons. 95/365

Today, I learnt that the first thing to realize is that one should be a student of markets. Not products. Not techniques. Not copywriting. The first and most important thing to learn is what people want to buy. Credit to Gary Halbert

365 Days of Lessons. 92/365

Today, I learnt that things rarely turn out precisely the way we hoped. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can figure out why. If we find the lesson and learn from it, it might be even more valuable than if we’d simply gotten lucky. So don’t waste the lesson. Credit to Seth Godin