365 Days of Lessons. 101/365

Today, I learnt that exposing your vulnerability can make you more desirable in the eyes of others. But there’s a caveat. You must establish your competence first before revealing your failures. Otherwise you risk damaging your credibility and coming across as a mess – not a beautiful one. Credit to Think Like a Rocket Scientist

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365 Days of Lessons. 97/365

Today, I learnt that you should sell your customer what they want, but package it with what they need, so they get an authentic result. Just don’t talk about the need much in the sales copy. Because they don’t care! Credit to Jim Edwards

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365 Days of Lessons. 96/365

Today, I learnt that experiments are by their very nature, prone to failure. But a few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work. Credit to Jeff Bezos

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