About HackVenture

Life is a call to adventure.

HackVenture is the story of a dude named Jugg doing his best to make the most out of this adventure of life.

Want to build an empire with hundreds of employees? Are you a digital nomad? Want to work from home while making a decent income?

You’ll probably pick up a tidbit or two from here.

Jugg is a work-from-home dad, a digital marketer, a dude who starts projects like a maniac and fails to complete most of them, and is painfully vulnerable to shiny-object-syndrome just like any other typical entrepreneur.

Occasionally he pushes through and ships projects that actually make money or *gasps* make the world a slightly better place to live in.

Jugg is a voracious reader and reads too much for his own good. He shares his notes and takeaways on HackVenture so at least something good comes out of his excessive reading.

Mostly, projects and case studies featured on HackVenture are quick to implement (cos Jugg is lazy) and are profitable (cos Jugg likes money).

Some would be duds, some would do okay.

More often than not, they are fun and hopefully pack a couple nuggets of wisdom through fighting in the trenches.

Jugg also writes about his trials and tribulations through the adventure of life; about his successes and failures, and lessons learnt in between.