Hello, my name is Jugg

Welcome to HackVenture.com! Here, I write about my trials, tribulations and adventures as I build up successful (and unsuccessful) projects as a solopreneur, and my lessons learnt along the way!

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Coming out of Sabbatical

Finally writing my first actual post on HackVenture.com! Feels good coming out of sabbatical after one and a half years. So, wtf do I mean when I said I was on a sabbatical? Was I wearing a turban in the jungles or on the mountains doing daily meditation and reflecting[…]

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It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work

Business is not war Treat your company as a product. Optimize accordingly Concept of Trust battery; trust doesn’t go down to zero right away. It gets depleted over time. Similarly, it doesn’t go up to 100% immediately, it takes time to build. Owner’s need to lead by example, actions matter.[…]

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Secrets of Great Achievers by Darren Hardy

Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Tony Hawk are super successful but spend less hours and effort on their work than most of us. Difference between Overachiever and SUPER achiever. Radical focus – it’s not what they DO, but what they NOT DO. Saying NO is the master skill What is[…]

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