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365 Days of Lessons. 59/365

Today, I learnt that money is an amplifier, not a magic wand. If you have a bad idea, money amplifies the bad idea. If it’s a good idea, it can spread that idea to new customers.

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365 Days of Lessons. 58/365

Today, I learnt how to pick a tennis racket for myself as a beginner recreational player. I learnt that 280 to 300g with a L3 grip and a 10″ face is good for me, and graphite rackets are better than aluminium ones. I’ll be collecting it tomorrow and am excited!

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365 Days of Lessons. 57/365

Today, I learnt that the problem with the modern world is that the stupid are cocksure, while the intelligent are full of doubt. And guess who the general public tend to listen to?

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365 Days of Lessons. 55/365

Today, I learnt that if your job had a completely certain outcome, then your job wouldn’t even exist. Hence, embrace the uncertainty. Embrace the possibility that you could well fail, and that it’s ok. Credit to Think Like a Rocket Scientist

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